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Chemical Elements

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Atomic Number:7Atomic Mass:14.01Melting Point:--346°FBoiling Point:-320.4°FNumber of Protons/Electrons:7 Number of Neutrons : 7Classification: non-metalColor:

NitrogenSymbol: N

HISTORYIn 1772 a Scottish physician, Daniel Rutherford discovered the element Nitrogen as a seperable componet of air. This element makes up 78% of Earths atmosphere.

CHEMICAL PROPERTIESNitrogen can combine with other elements and form compounds under certain tempratures. Nitrogen is a non flammable compound.

PHYSICAL PROPERTIESNitrogen is a soluble property. It is less soluble than water. It is a gas without any color, taste and smell. These are all physical properties.

SOCIETAL APPLICATIONSIt is used in pharmacological drugs. Cyropreservation is also used for Nitrogen. Another use for Nitrogen is a tank of it for paintball gun power sources.



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