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NitrogenBy Elliot Alexander

Its functions and role to the plant and More!!!

Nitrogen can be formed from ammonia and the production of ammonia adds $4 billion to the United States economy annually.

"Nitrogen is one of the seventeen chemical elements required for plant growth and reproduction."Nitrogen is found within the plants chlorophyll, which is a green chemical used to to turn the suns energy in to surgar. It is one of the basic elements in plant an animal protien.78% of Earths atmosphere is Nitrogen.Nitrogen is used by most crops, and is one of the main ingredients in fertilizers today.Plants absorb nitrogen in two ways, (NO3-) or (NH4-).

The crop wheat receives the most nitrogen fertilizer in the world.

Nitrogen is an important part of our body. It is used to to help form amino acids and it is also apart of nucleic acids which are a part of our DNA!!!

Nitrogen Deficiency


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