[2014] natashaambriz: Nitrogen Family

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[2014] natashaambriz: Nitrogen Family

Nitrogen Family

Elements in the Family



Important Uses

What is the nitrogen family used for?


Where is the nitrogen family located?

How do these elements react?

Group 15 of the Periodic Table

Nitrogen (N)-gasPhosphorus (P)-solidArsenic (As)-solidAntimony (Sb)-solidBismuth (Bi)-solidUnunpentium (Uup)-synthetic

Reaction with...air-nitrogen: nonephosphorus: glows in the dark arsenic: stableantimony: trioxide antimony oxidebismuth: trioxide bismuth oxidewater-nitrogen: dissolvesphosphorus: nonearsenic: noneantimony: trioxide antimony oxidebismuth: trioxide bismuth oxide

Nitrogen-ammonia which is used for fertilizer production and used to produce nitric acid Phosphorus-phosphoric acid which is used in soft drinks, fertilizer compounding, and fireworksArsenic-used to be used as a poison but now used to help preserve wood and as rat poisoningAntimony-used to produce metals and in semiconductors and power generatorsBismuth-used to make low-melting alloys which are used in automatic fire alarm and sprinkler systemsUnunpentium-very little is known about it so it is only used for research


How do these elements react?

How do these elements react?

Characteristics-have 5 valence electrons-they are all solid at room temperature except for nitrogen-consists of 2 nonmetals, 2 metalloids, and 1 metal-most are toxic in their pure state-densities increase towards the heavier elements in the family

a.k.a pnictogens


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