Nitrogen Family 2

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Nitrogen Family 2


NitrogenColorless and odorless gas. Nitrogen is an important building block of proteins, nucleic acids and other cellular constituents which are essential for all forms of life. It also makes up 78% of the Earth’s atmosphere.

PhosphorusPhosphorus- Combustible, Poisonous nonmetal. There are two forms Red Phosphorus and White Phosphorus. Red-is used in making matches. White- yellowish waxy substance that ignites spontaneously in the air and glows in the dark.

ArsenicBrittle steel-gray metalloid.It occurs in several forms often in compounds with other chemical elements.It is combined with oxygen to form a poisonous white gas called arsenic oxide. Two uses of arsenic would be preservation of wood and bronzing.

BismuthBrittle, reddish-gray metal. It is a metal that is highly resistant to heat and is mixed with other metals to make fuse boxes.

AntimonyBrittle, silvery, white metalloid. It is used to make batteries, flame proofing material, paints,ceramic enamels, glass, and pottery. It is an ore used to produce pure metals.

Nitrogen NPhosphorus PArsenic AsAntimony SbBismuth Bi

The different elements in this family are both useful and harmful for us. One type of Phosphorus is poisonous and the other kind is important because it is in RNA and DNA. Arsenic is harmful because it is toxic. Nitrogen is useful because it makes up parts of our cells and is a part of proteins which we need in order to be healthy. Bismuth is not harmful because it helps make fuse boxes. Finally Antimony is not harmful to us because it is an ingredient in creating things like batteries and automatic fire sprinklers.

Atomic Symbol= NPeriod 2 group 15They are located on the right side of the period table.The properties of the elements in the family are all different.They are grouped together based on the number of valence electrons they have. Each element are in different groups such as metals, metalloids, and gases.


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