Nitrogen Cycle

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Nitrogen Cycle

Nitrogen Cycle

JungEun KimYuno So

Biology ProjectGrade 9, period 8

Process of Nitrogen’s transformationThe natural process which nitrogen circulating in various chemical forms in air, soil, or organisms by nitrogen fixation, anammox, nitrification, dentrification, decay(decomposition)etc.

Nitrogen is very important component for life organisms living in earth, since it takes role in many process and is component of amino acids, proteins, nucleic acids, RNA, and DNA.However, even though majority of Earth's atmosphere (78%) is nitrogen gas (N2), nitrogen as air itself is not unusable by plants and animals. Hence, it is very essential to convert nitrogen into fixed form such as ammonia(NH3), nitrite(NO2-), nitrate(NO3-), ammonium(NH4+) etc. Plants absorb those fixed form of nitrogen, and animal absorb the nitrogen by eating plants.

DentrificationProcess of converting nitrate(NO3-) to nitrogen gas(N2).This process is generally performed by heterotrophic bacteria.Usually, it occurs when there is no oxygen.

AnammoxANaerobicAMMoniumOXidationProcess of converting nitrite(NO2-) and ammonium(NH4+) directly to nitrogen gas(N2) by Anammox bacteria.

Nitrogen FixationProcess of converting biologically nitrogen gas(N2) in the atmosphere to ammonia(NH3).The process requires eight electronics and 16 ATP molecules.It can occur abiotically by lightning, and the other explosion. Some type of bacteria, which are nitrogen fixing nodules, fix the nitrogen to ammonia.

How the nitrogen cycle connects forms of lifeNitrogen cycle takes very important role in human's life, In past, farmer knew that pulse plants (bactaria) helps converting nitrogen into fixed form, so they raised pulse plants after rasing the other types of plants to put more nitrogen in soil.These days, people uses fertilizer to put more nitrogen in soil. Usually, fertilizer contains ammonia, so bacterias and microbes can convert it into nitrite and nitrate. Also people uses nitrogen gas in airbag.In future, people will still need nitrogen for harvesting plants and grains.

NitrificationProcess of converting ammonia(NH3) to nitrite(NO2-) by microbes and then to nitrate(NO3-) by nitrite-oxidizing Bacteria.

How human activities affect the nitrogen cycleHuman affects the nitrogen cycle by such as fertilizer, fossil fuel, etc, People uses nitrogen fertilizer to put more nitrogen in soil so that would help plants to grow more and faster. The use of nitrogen fertilizer causes increased rates of denitrification and leaching of nitrate into groundwater.Pollution which is caused by fossil fuel (vehicles, industrial plants) also affects nitrogen cycle by increased deposition of nitrogen.

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Nitrogen Fixing Backeria

Fertilizing Nitrogen Fertilizer

Decomposers such as fungi and bacteria break down nitrogen into simpler compounds.


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