Nit de L'Albà

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Nit de L'Albà


What is Nit de L'Alba?Nit de l'Alba is a festivity celebrated in the Spanish city of Elche on the occasion of the festivities of the city in honor of Our Lady of the Assumption. It is celebrated on 13 August.

How is Nit de l'Alba celebrated?

At 23:55, the townhall cuts the electrical power of the centre of the city to create total darkness. Then the Hymn of the Coronation of the Mystery of Elche starts to sound and at 00.00 from the Basilica of Santa Maria the fireworks start.They can reach about 300 meters and they light a part of the city.

Yes,It is tradition to eat watermelon after the last firework,Palmera de la Virgen.At the end of the show, hundreds of young people go to the streets to begin ''carretillas'' war. This war consists in the launch of a type of rockets called ''carretillas'',which are very noisy and don't stop spinning on the floor.

Is there any tradition after the fireworks?


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