Nit de l'albà

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Nit de l'albà

On the 13th night of August is celebrated the Nit de l'alba in Elche. That night, a million of fire works dress up the night with lights, colours and sounds.


The fireworks are thrown from 23p.m. until a few minutes before midnight. Then, all the fireworks and lights put off and the ilicitanos keep silence while the "el Gloria Patri" sounds.

The night

The Virgin palm rises, a big white light palm from the 'Basílica de Santa María' and it iluminates the sky of the city. Then, the lights switch on again and in the tower of the Basilica we can see a little "fire Virgin" while we hear the habanera 'Aromas ilicitanos'.

It is originated in the Middle Age, where the families gave offerings to the Virgin with a firework for each son. Nowadays, that tradition had became to the throw of a million of palms cordinated from diferent parts of the city.


It's traditional to eat water melon that night. And some people who love the fire can go to the traditional "war of carretillas" in a specific part of the city center.

Video. Elche 2011


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