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Social Studies

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FOODIn Ningbo, many people like eating seafood, such as crabs, shrimps and fish, because we are living at the seaside. In Northern China, people like eating noodles but in Southern China, people like eating rice.

NingBoNingBo, which is near shanghai, is a seaside city.The beautiful time to visit is during December and February. The spring is a little cold and the summer is so hot. The city has a popution of 1.6million people. It is famous for having many Garment factories andPort trade. It is one of China's four major port cities, and there are many beautiful clothes. There are many sights to see in Ningbo, including Hengdian ,which makes movies. Many people called it East Hollywood.

OUR BUSINESSNingbo has many light factories.They make clothes and port trade, so we can buy many of the latest and greatest clothes. We can also buy many foreign goods there. Our province is one of the richest provinces, because the people are good at business.


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    Your city looks very relax and interesting.