Nineteen Minutes

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Nineteen Minutes

Nineteen MinutesBy: Jodi Picoult 

Nineteen Minutes is a novel discussing the cause and effects of bullying in schools. The novel discusses a school shooting and the aftermath of the shooting as well as takes readers through the shooters trial. Throughout the novel readers get close to the shooter and are given an inside look of the emotional and physical abuse that bullying causes and the repurcussions that come from extensive bullying. Picoult gives readers a point of view chapter based booked allowing readers to get every characters perspective, ensuring that readers will choose their own side as the story unfolds.



Guns/ Gun ControlBullyingLoveMother-Daughter RelationshipsMother-Son RelationshipsLaw/TrialLoving thy enemyDeathSadnessThe theme of bullying is a major theme throughout the novel in that most chapters give readers a flashback to a time that Peter Houghton was bullied, tortured, or humiliated both in the school as well as online. Bullying is also the prominent cause of the shooting due to the fact that a young nerdy boy was pushed to his limits in what seems to be a push towards a mental health concern.


The characters in this novel include:Peter-Bullied School ShooterJosie- Confused Judges DaughterAlex- District Judge/Single motherMatt- Josie's jerk BoyfriendLacey Houghton- The shooters motherJordan McAfee-The shooters AttorneyPatrick Ducharme- Lead DetectiveLouis Houghton- The shooters fatherAmong others though these are the main characters throughout the novel.

Sterling, New HampshireSterling High SchoolCourthouse

I would recommend this book to everyone. I wouldn't have any particular social group such as students, teachers, young adults, etc. but rather everyone should read this book. At some point in everyones lives they have either played the bully or experienced bullying themselves. This book is very eye opening to the effects that bullying has and the extreme conditions and order of control that a school shooting can take upon a small town. I would definitely recommend this book be taught in high schools, since this is a leading location of bullying in America.




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