Nils Bohlin: Three Point Seatbelt

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Nils Bohlin: Three Point Seatbelt

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Nils Bohlin

Three Point Seatbelt

I would make the seat belt a robotic seat belt that would help you when needed for comfort and relaxation. My seat belt would help people have the safety and also have the comfort and relaxation all in one.

It is estimated that millions of lives are saved by the seat belt.Bohlin was inducted in to the Automotive Hall of Fame in 1995.Volvo was the first car company that used the three point seat belt made by Bohlins.

Nils Bohlin made an amazing impact on society. He invented the three point safety belt. It all started when he was born, on July 17th 1920 in a small town in Sweden. As he grew he was constantly around cars. He had graduated in mechanical engineering, aircraft designing, safety engineering, safety department, and finally worked in Volvo. It made a great impact after inventing the belt because it saved so many lives than the one point seat belt because it saved so many lives. Unfortunately Nils Bohlin passed away on September 26th 2002 at the age of 84.






According to the website: “As of today, the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates the belts reduce the risks of deaths in car crashes by at least 65 percent.”


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