nilou-salt crystals

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nilou-salt crystals

The Banana Yellow Test

The Olive Green Test

Look at this new discoverythe Emerald Green actuallygrew salt crystals! The EmeraldGreen test changed color tobright blue crystals once thatwater had evaporated. These crystalswere all shapes and sizes but thetest created some of the biggest crystals.

The Emerald Green Test

These crystals grew faster than the others but they were smaller and the water evaporated at a slower pace than the other tests. Also the color at the bottom of the glass changed to an orange.

This picture is also abig surprise because asthe salt crystalscrystalized the cardboard and the olive green water evaporated, the rings of salt on the glass turned yellow and white.

These final pictures were taken January 20, 2011

Nilous Salt Crystalspage 2

Grew the fastest?

Hello again. I noticed that although the Banana Yellow test reacted first and started to grow salt crystals right away, the crystals themselves did not grow much bigger. The Olive Green and the Emerald Green - once they got going - tied on that one. They formed some big and interesting crystals that looked quite different to the tiny table salt granules that I used to grow them. Only the Banana Yellow one looked anything like the original table salt I used.

My Conclusions

I cant believe I'meating salt!

Differences Between Table Salt and Salt CrystalsTable salt is powdery. Salt crystals form in chunks.Table salt does not stick to surfaces.Salt crystals attach themselves to surfaces.


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