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Nikola Tesla

Born in Serbia to a hardworking mother and minister father.Death of older brother, Daniel may have contributed to lasting nightmares and OCD.Spoke 8 languagesHad a photographic memory and saw flashes of images that were real to him. He conceptualized all his ideas in his own imagination, and often they came to him faster than he could record them or create them.Immigrated to the US to work with Thomas Edison, but soon struck out on his own.


AC induction motor: used an alternating current to create a rotating magnetic field to power it. It did not use a commutator, which avoided sparking and the high maintenence of servicing and replacing mechanical brushes.Smithsonian Article on TelsaGreat Comic on Telsa:Why Nikola Tesla Was the Greatest Geek Who Ever Lived

Lasting Impact

During the late 1800 there was a "War of Currents." It was Edison in one corner with DC and Tesla in the other with AC. AC current made it possible to transmit electricity over very long distances safely and revolutionized electricity. We still benefit from his induction motor today. The AC system forms the base of all modern generation and distribution of electricity. It can certainly be said that he won the War of Currents.

Nikola Telsa



1856 - born in Serbia1844 - immigrated to US to work for Thomas Edison1887 - formed Tesla Electric Company1887- invented the AC induction motor1891 - Became and American citizen1898- created a radio controlled boat and demonstrated wireless radio waves1899- Moved to Colorado Springs to experiment with atmospheric electricity and artificial electricity1943 - death, age 86

Tesla's Inventions

"I do not rush into constructive work. When I get an idea, I start right away to build it up in my mind. I change the structure, I make improvements, I experiment, I run the device in my mind. It is absolutely the same to me whether I operate my turbine in thought or test it actually in my shop. It makes no difference, the results are the same. In this way, you see, I can rapidly develop and perfect an invention, without touching anything." -Nikola Telsa

Invented the AC induction motor.Theorized on the possibilities of a wireless form of communication as early as 1893.Lived in Manhattan and befriended many who would come by his lab at odd hours to watch his experiments with electricity. One of his friends was Mark Twain.Moved to Colorado Springs to study atmospheric electricity and create artificial electricity.



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