Nikola Tesla

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Inventors and Inventions

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Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla

Portrait of Tesla

Tesla Coil

Tesla Electric Car

Tesla's Idea for Wireless Communication

Tesla's Idea in Use Today

Where most inventors use their inventions for profit, Nikola Tesla's primary goal was to make inventions that could make the world a better place. Though he patented and sold many ideas throughout his lifetime, he never used this money for personal profit. Instead, Tesla invested his money back into his company so that he could continue to invent useful technologies. At the end of his life, Tesla was actually in debt. Tesla's generous attitude towards the world has expanded past his lifetime. There have been many awards, companies, and even a unit of measurement, named after him. One particular company is Tesla Motors. Tesla Motors has used its time and resources to create a more energy efficient and globally safe car, this resulted in an electric car known as the Tesla. Without Tesla's influence, the electronic world would not be what it is today.In short, Tesla was an awesome dude!


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