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Nikola Tesla



1856- born in Simlijan, Lika1882- invented brushless ac motor1887- invented the induction motor. 1891- invented the Tesla Coil1895- Designed first hydro electric power plant in Niagara Falls 1896- designed an x-ray tube for better images1898- created a remote control boat1901- made first Trans Atlantic radio transmission.1943- died in his hotel in NYC

Lasting Impact

One accomplishment was making the brushless ac electric motor. It is a sparkless low maintainance motor used today on power tools and pumps.He also made a three phase system of electric power transmission. He also invented the Tesla coil which is used for wireless communications.


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Nikola Tesla


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Famous Quote

'' I dont care that they stole my idea... I care that they don't have any of there own.''

The way we run electricity through our electric lines and into houses and businesses was created by Nikola Tesla.Also because of his inventions wireless comunications is possible.

Nikola Tesla was born on July 10th 1856. He was born in Simlijan Lika. His father was Mulutin Tesla. His father was a Serbian Priest. His mother was Djuka Manic. She was an inventor of appliances, even though she never went to school. Nikola studied at Realschule, Karltadt in 1873. He studied math and physics and soon became obsessed with electricity. In 1881 he began working at a telephone company in Budapest. Throughout his career he worked for several large companies such as Continental Edison Company in Paris ,also Thomas Edison's lab in New Jersey and Westinghouse. In 1893 he demenstated how his radio transmission works at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia. He lived in the Waldorf Astoria for many years. He would throw dinners for famous people and would show them his latest experiments. During his time he was one of the most famous people. He is said to be the top 100 people in the last 1000 years. On his 75th birthday he was on the cover of Time Magazine. He died on January 7th 1943 at his hotel He was given a state funeral. He was 87 when he died.


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