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Nikola Tesla

According to, Nikola Tesla was born on July 10th in Smiljan, Croatia to his father Milutin Tesla, a priest, and mother Đuka Mandic, a housewife who would invent household appliances when she could. The website furthermore states that he studied at Realschule, Karlstadt, the Polytechnic Institute of Graz, Austria, and the University of Prague before traveling to the U.S. where he began working with Thomas Edison. Although the partnership did not work out, reports that Tesla was able to develop an alternating-current (AC) system and what we now refer to as the “Tesla coil”.


When Tesla traveled to America in 1884, his partnership with Edison only thrived shortly before the two butted heads due to differences in both opinion and business strategies. This relationship was the greatest obstacle in the development of Tesla’s theories and inventions. states that Edison, who had a well-established awareness of economics, believed Tesla’s concept of alternating currents was faulty. He was assured that there could only be direct-current (DC), and vigorously tried selling his own system. Tesla, nevertheless, ended up not only selling his AC electrical system, but 40 other patents, to George Westinghouse.Edison was not Tesla’s only obstacle, however, since finances were not Tesla’s forte. He was brilliant, but was unable to complete his expedition to build a global communications tower in Long Island, New York due to lack of funds ( In 1917, unfortunately, his tower was torn down.

AccomplishmentsEducation (Fuel Efficient of Physics: Austrian Polytechnic Institute (Graz)-Baccalaureate of Mathematics: Austrian Polytechnic Institute (Graz)B-accalaureate of Mechanical Engineering: Austrian Polytechnic Institute (Graz)-Baccalaureate of Electrical Engineering: Austrian Polytechnic Institute (Graz)-1888 sells AC system patents to Westinghouse (Tesla Universe)-1890 discovers wireless power (Tesla Universe)-1891 patented the "Tesla Coil" ( created basic radio design (Tesla Memorial Society)-1893 demonstrated his AC system at the World Columbian Exposition in Chigago ( Westinghouse awarded the Niagra Falls contact (Tesla Universe)-1894 "The Inventions, Researches and Writings of Nikola Tesla", written by Thomas Commerford, is published (Tesla Universe)-1896 Niagara Powers Buffalo A.C. System is inaugurated (Tesla Universe)-1898 patented a radio controlled boat (Tesla Memorial Society)-1899 discovers terrestrial stationary waves (Tesla Universe)-1917 recieves Edison Medal (Tesla Universe)-1975 inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame (Tesla Universe)


Nikola Tesla

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