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Nikola Tesla


Nikola Tesla was born in July 10, 1856 in Smiljan, a small village in Croatia. Nikola was always challenged to improve during his childhood. Miltin, Nikola's father would always recite poems only once and made Nikola recite it back perfectly. Nikola also recieved difficult math problems from his father and without paper. This mental discipline Nikola recieved was the foundations needed for many of his accomplishments.Nikola's mother, Djuka, was the inventor who inspired Nikola. Djuka had taught herself to read, and Nikola usually saw her with a book or a poem. However, she had 5 children and her husband with a farm, she made tools out of common day objects. Nikola marveled at her mother and decided to invent something to.

Reverend Tesla (Miltin/Father) told Nikola that he will support his choice of becoming an electrical engineer and help pay for his education at the Higher Gymnasium (comparable to an American Highschool). Knowing this, Nikola studied furiously and tirelessly to excel his classes for his family sacrifice.During his class of physics, the school received a DC (Direct Current) motor. The professor, Poeschl, present the motor to the class and went on about AC (Alternating Current) was useless. Nikola disagreed, and claimed that AC was the better form of generating power.A close friend, Antial Szigety, told Nikola that he need fresh air and sunlight. The two men usually goes on walks through the local park at Budapest. Nikola, feeling much better, suddenly went into a trance. Nikola screamed at Antial that he has finally found how to make AC motor and discovered a new scientific principle.Nikola went to Paris to begin working at the Continental Edison Company and hopefully earn money to create the first AC motor. After working at the C.E.D., he was urged to go to the United States of America to work for Edison with a letter of recommendation from Charles Batchelor. However, Nikola's career as an employee for Edison ended after Edison himself cheated Nikola.

Important Events

Nikola Tesla

Many investors heard of Tesla as an fine electrical engineer and the man who successfully built the first AC motor. George Westinghouse was Nikola's most noticable investor and was Nikola's closest friends. The world of electrical engineering became even more interested in Nikola after he applied more than 30 patents. The American Institute of Electrical Engineers invited Nikola to give a lectute on his studies on AC system. With Nikola's fame rising, he constantly recieving invitations from universities and electrical organizations (most were in Europe). However, the frequent travels has took a toll on Nikola with his time and especially his health. Nikola decided to stop accepting invitations and start back to inventing and improving in the world of electricity. Alternating Current now became a viable option to the public. The famous Nikola now became an competitor to Edison. The battle of the currents between AC and DC became the new debate for many investors, politicians who voiced their opinions in newspapers. But in 1893, George Westinghouse recieved the contract for the lighting of the World's Fair in Chicago and used Nikola's lights and AC motors. The audience was awed of the spectical and many said that it was the "White City". The public now accepts that AC is the preferred way to generate electricity, ending the clash between DC and AC motors.


Nikola's first Alternating-Current motor. This motor was one of the Nikola's biggest inventions and a turning point of electrical engineering.

Life Lessons

This statue of Nikola Tesla was made by Mile Blažević at Nikola Tesla Memorial Centre in Smiljan, Croatia . The statue was made for the 150 annversity of Nikola birthdate.

Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens) is a close friend to Nikola. Mark Twain was an welcomed, usual visitor to Nikola's laboratory and saw many of Nikola's presentation of his new inventions.

Nikola Tesla's lab at New York. Most of his inventions and projects were born here. Investors and close friends of Nikola do come to this laboratory to see Nikola's newest project and inventions,

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Nikola Tesla recieved awards and accomplished many of his life goals as an electrical inventor. He was independent, passionate, and determined about his career and studies.When Nikola at school, he drove to excel his classes and studies. This consumed his time and energy, so he put off invites to parties from friends and devolping his social status. During in Nikola's adulthood, he was considered at the time as an imposing and attractive person. Many wealthy investors saw him as a great "catch" for their daughters. However, Nikola declined to all of the offers to marragie since he believes that an inventor, like himself, will have no time for an family when working relentlessly at projects and inventions.In Nikola career's, he suffered a lack of financial backing. But Nikola was determined to bring his inventions to the public. He worked long hours in various of jobs and tried to appeal many investors to send money.

Born: July 10, 1856Died: January 7, 1943


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