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Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla was born July 10, 1856 in Modern day Smiljan, Croatia. Tesla was son of Milutin and Georgina. Nikola was not the only child he had four siblings. The two oldest were Dane and the two daugters Angelina and Milka. The youngest in the family was Marica. Nikola Tesla was best known with his works with electricity. Tesla worked with Thomas Eddison in 1884 for a while until they went different ways. Later on Nikola died in New York City


1856 - Birth1884 - moved to US1893 - Mom Dies1918 - Goes Bankerupt1931 - Gets 2 PHDs1947 - Death1976 - Gets into Nation Inventers Hall of Fame.

Nikola Tesla invented some amazing that have changed the world.Some of the most famous are the Tesla Coil (because his last name is Tesla) and the A/C CurrentTesla also got somethings that not a lot of people have done, Nikola Tesla got into the National Inventers Hall of Fame.

Lasting Impact

Nikola Tesla's main impact that he has on this society is the A/C Currents and that keeps us all cool.


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