Nikola Tesla by Ognjen and Marija

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Nikola Tesla by Ognjen and Marija

Nikola Tesla was born in Serbia in a village town named Smiljan. He was born on 10th July 1856. He was a world famous scientist and inventor, electrical engineer, mehanical engineer and psyhsicst and futurist best known for his discoveries of (AC) and electricity supply system. Tesla was already experienced in telefony and electrical engineering before he started working in United States 1884 for Thomas Edison. He soon got financial backers and started setting up comapnies and labratories devolping a range of electrical devices.

His panted transformer and AC induction motor were licensed by George Westinghouse who once hired him as his consultant for a short period of time.

(1) He had a mental problem that made him always wash his hands 3 times and every time he wanted to enter some building he would circle it 3 times. (2) He died in New York city poor and underestimated. FBI got hold of his priceless drawings and documents. (3) He made the first hidrocentrical power plant and it was powering whole New York. (4) In the interview they asked Einstein what it was like being a genius and he answered:''I don't know, ask Tesla''. (5) He had a dark side, he claimed that he invented a beam of death. He was claiming that he he could shoot a beam of death from distance of 320km and if beam hit enemy floats it would destroy 15.000 of their airplanes.

6) He made the first joystick that controlled a small ship, but people didn't get how important this invention was, because it was shown 8 november 1898. (7) He made a tower which was 40m high in Colorado Springs. He wanted to make free electrical power for the whole world. The tower was never finished and it was destroyed in September 1917 by U.S. and his drawings are still not found. (8) He wanted to make an aircraft that would be powered by his tower, but the tower was destroyed so the aircraft was never made. (9) Before he died he had had 250 patents and in those patents included were radio, spark plugs, tesla coil...(10) Tesla was sabotaged by Thomas Edison, in spite of that, Tesla is remebered as the most famous scientist.



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