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Inventors and Inventions

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Nikola Tesla

About I greatly impacted society with my inventions and discoveries in electricity, technology, and physics. My greatest invention was most likely AC, or alternating current. AC was much safer and more efficient than Edison's DC (direct current), which caused multiple housefires and deaths. I was engaged in a "current war" between Edison and myself, and the best science won: mine. Beyond AC, I developed countless other patents and experimented with X-ray. I even invented the radio (although Marconi stole my idea.)

Nikola Tesla

Work I worked for Thomas Edison as an engineer and redisigned the DC motor, but Edison didn't pay up so I quit. After, I went on to start my own company and becamse my own boss. I tried to create wireless transmition of electricity, but my funding was cut. Penniless and misunderstood, I moved into a NYC hotel and lived alone except for my best friends: the pigeons. Positions -Engineer: Central Telephone Office (Budapest) Continental Edison Company (Paris) Westinghouse -Founder/CEO: Tesla Electric Light and Manufacturing

Basic InfoFull Name: Nikola TeslaGender: MaleRelationship Status: Never MarriedBirthplace: Smilijan, a small town in CroatiaCurrent City: New York CityBirthday: June 9, 1856Death: January 7, 1943

Let's forget about that whole DC motor thing.You just don't get American humor! Thomas Edison

Personal Interests-Engineering-Physics-Death Rays-Pigeons :)Accomplishments-Invented AC Electricity which we use to this day-Invented the radio-Invented a particle death-ray weapon-Invented the modern electric motor-Invented Wireless communications-Countless other patents

Education-Local grammar school in my small, hometown Croation village-Real-Gymnasium High Scool-Higher Real Gymnasium High School-Joanneum, the Polytechnical College of Graz

Family-Sisters: Milka, Angelina and Marcia Tesla-Brother: Josif Tesla-Mother: Djuka Tesla-Father: Rev Milutin Tesla

Sorry about the radio!Forgive and forget? Guglielmo Marconi

"I don't care that they stolemy ideas... I care that theydon't have any of their own!" Nikola Tesla

Mark Twain Likes this.

Elizabeth Politoperiod 2

"If you want to find the secerets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibrations."


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