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Nike goddess


Presented by Sydney Nossal

Her titles:Greek name: NikeRoman name: VictoriaOther: Winged goddessSymbols:Victory, wings, wreath, hermes's caduceus.

Who was Nike? Nike was the goddess of victory. (We get the word victory from her Roman name, Victora). She had tthe power to change the outcome of war and shapeshift into any form she desired. Her parents were OIleis (Styx) and Pallas. She was often compared to Athena but she was not nearly as great of a goddess.

In the war between the gods, Styx brought Nike and her siblings to help fight. Nike served Zeus as a charioteer. Nike had the skill to find victors in battle.When she found one, she gave him fame and honor with a wreath of laurel. However there are no specific myths between Nike and her siblings, Nike was was mentioned here and there as rewarding a hero with a wreath of laurel leaves or a reference was made to an Olympian.

When you frst thinkof the word "Nike" you typically think of the famous shoe brand. The founder named his shoe band after the goddess because of her swift running and quickness.

The Nike/Athena temple

Nike in her chariot.

A painting of Nike

Nike holding her wreath of laurel

Nike's most celebrated statue in Louvre, Paris

Nike handing the wreath of laurel to a victor

To the victor goes the spoils


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