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By: Elie Wiesel

Nights is about a Jewish boy named Eliezer and about his survival in a concetration camp. Story starts off with Eliezer's town are taken over by Nazis and are sent to Birkenau. Eliezer and his father get separated from his mom and sisters. Eliezer and his father pass the evaluation but see terrible actions taking place like burning babies. The Jews have to go through a cruel process and then they march to Auschwitz. Eliezer beings to lose faith since the Jews begin to be cruel against each other. Eliezer loses his golden tooth and has an operation on his foot. Eventually. they have to evacuate the camp where Eliezer and his father helped each other. When they arrive to Buchenwal, Eliezer's father dies but Eliezer feels relief. An American army approaches so Nazis tries killing all Jews. Elizers survives but feel to be a different person.

Elie WieselThe narrator of the story who loses his innocences at a young age. Throughout the story, Eliezer stays strongs with the very small faith he has with his father. He had to go through so much in the concetration camp that no man is caplable of. The is the main character of the story.

ShlomoEliezer's father was the only other character in the story. He went through alot for his age and died by being abused. He stayed strong for his son. Even though being weak, he worked hard to stay alive.

Never Forget...

SettingThe story takes place in a couple different concetration camps in terrible conditions for the jews where they get tortured, starved, and no man zone. It was always very crowded but didnt have alot of space.

I've changed to completely different person..

"From the depths of the mirror, a corpse was contemplating me. The look in his eyes as he gazed at me has never left me."


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