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Nightjohn Bookreport


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Nightjohn gives you an inside look into the lives of slaves. We can see many problems that the slaves were facing. Despite the numerious problems, this book dealt with one major problem. Slaves were not educated.

Gary Paulsen


*Nightjohn- a rebellious slave, who taught other slaves how to read

The main characters of Nightjohn are:

This book is set on a plantation in the Southern United States around the late 1800s,in the years leading to the Civil War

*Waller- the cruel plantation owner

*Sarny- a young slave girl being taught by Nightjohn

The theme, or central message, of this story is "Education is important" The theme can also be precevied as "Some things are worth dying for"

*Mammy- the slave in charge of looking after children

This story is told from the point of view of a young slave girl, Sarny. Sarny was living a very limited slave slave until Nightjohn, an educated and rebellioud slave, shows up on the plantation. Nightjohn and Sarny make a trade, and Nightjohn begins teaching Sarny the alphabet. As Sarny learns more she is able to form words and gets caght writing in the dirt. Nightjohn is punished and runs away but later returns to start a hidey school.

In Nightjohn there is a solution to the problem "slaves were not educated" Nightjohn solves this problem by opening a hidey school at night for the slaves to learn how to read and write.


I feel that this is a great book to read. It helps you to better understand the cruel lives of slaves. It also teaches you the importance of education, which is taken for granted these days. I think anyone who reads this will enjoy it very much.


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