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Silence(In Night)By: Will Lijewski

The concept of silence in Night is a theme replicated throughout the novel and is typically displayed when the prisoners are put in a tragic or life-threatening situation. The theme of silence is also sometimes displayed when the prisoners are presented with an outrageous idea or opinion and they work to silence it instead of considering it.

Thesis Statement

Quote #4

"The three condemned prisoners together stepped onto the chairs. In unison the nooses were placed around their necks.'Long live liberty' shouted the two men. But the boy was silent." (Chapter 4,page 47)ExplanationThis evidence shows that when presented with a horrific situation, such as the murder of a small boy, the people and the boy himself remain silent which displays how horrible their situation really is.

Quote #1

"Even Moshe the Beadle was silent. He was wary of speaking. He wandered in the synagogue or in the streets, with his eyes down, his back bent, avoiding people's eyes." (Chapter 1, page 7)ExplanationThis evidence shows that after being put in a tragic or life-threatening situation somebody responded with silence becasue of the things that happened and how the people treated him.

Quote #2

Quote #3

"Bite your lips, little brother... Don't cry. Keep your anger, your hate, for another day, for later. The day will come but not now... Wait. Clench your teeth and wait..." (Chapter 4, page 39)ExplanationThis evidence yet again shows that when confronted with a horrible situation, such as beating from a supervisor, the prisoners stay silent. Elie is told to stay silent and it was good advice because if he had retaliated then he most likely would have gotten even more hurt.

"We could stand it no longer. Some of the young men forced her to sit down, tied her up, and put a gag in her mouth. Silence again." (Chapter 2, page 19 and 20)ExplanationThis evidence shows that even when being warned about the horrible things that will come, the prisoners work to silence their only warning and therefore suffer even more.


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