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1941–1945, during World War II Eliezer’s story begins in Sighet, Transylvania. It then follows his journey through several concentration camps in Europe such as , Auschwitz/Birkenau , Buna , Gleiwitz, and Buchenwald. During his journey he had to face many ultimatums.


Author: Elie Wiesel

Book report

Name: Gari Forehand Date: Oct. 19 , 2014

Eliezer and his family are taken from their home and forced to live in a sealed off ghetto. Later they were taken to the main camp where they would spend the night there. Upon arrival to Auschwitz, Eliezer and his father were separated from the women. That was the last time he would saee his mother and younger sister. Wiesel witnesses several hangings which affected how Wiesel viewed God tremendously. They had a Death march to Gleiwitz . Eliezer and other prisoners marched almost 80 miles. They stayed at Gleiwitz for 3 days with no food or drink. When Wiesel and his father arrived at Buchenwald, his father gave up and came down with dysentery. An S.S. guard strucked Wiesel's father and sent him to the crematory. Wiesel was liberated by the American troops in April 1945.

Main Events

Eliezer , Shlomo , Moshe the Beadle , Akiba Drumer , Madame Schächter , Juliek , Tibi , Yosi , Dr. Mengele , Idek , Franek , Rabbi Eliahou , Zalman , Meir Katz , Stein , Hilda , ' Tzipora


Title: Night


Eliezer’s struggles with not only Nazi persecutions, but his own faith in God and humanity.


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