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NightBy: Elie Wiesel 

"The shadows beside me awake as from a long sleep. They fled, silently, in all directions." (Ch.1 Pg.11) This shows silence because they were scared and all ran without screaming and yelling.

After the soup, we gathered between the bunks. The veterans told us: "You're lucky to have been brought here so late. Today, this is paradise compared to what the camp was two years ago." (Ch.Pg.70) This shows silence because the veterans are expaining a story to them and they are listening in silence. They listen to try to gain knowledgee and information about where they are at.

After a long silence, he said: "There are a thousand and one gates leading into the orchard of mystical truths. (Ch.1 Pg.4) This shows silence because it shows how they were tired and didn't speak for a while.

"Never shall i forget that nocturnal silence which deprieved me." (Ch.3 Pg.25)This shows silence by telling how the silence of all the worn out and abused people around killed him. The silence of them made it a lot harder to live and to get motivaton to work and move day by day.

While death is a normal thing in Auschwitz, the growing feeling of losing hope and silence increases day by day.


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