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Language Arts

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“ Crammed into cattle cars by the Hungarian police, they cried silently. Standing on the station platform, we too were crying. The train disappeared over the horizon; all that was left was thick dirty smoke.”

“At six o’clock that afternoon, the first American tanks stood at the gates of Buchenwald.”


“This was the end! Hitler was about to keep his promise.”

Nothing Defeat lines our tear stained facesPain is the only thing that we’re allowed to carry from camp to campSorrow and sadness rip at our broken hearts, The whip seems to get sharper every dayAs we walk up to a lifeless gate, I stare at the iron marked with horrorOrders buzz into my ears like the bugs in campThey seem to bite me, slowly seeping into my system like that of a diseaseFood is small, but is the only thing we can count on any moreNights are filled with fearNever knowing when the sirens will be calling for usThe officers are the only authority we knowCalls and orders are placed and we follow like dogs.The clothing on my back is the only thing protecting me from death.Evil lashes out in every command and strikes my aching earsMy clothes seem to be the only thing dulling their knife-like wordsHatred brews in my heart, but these worn, death marked threads somehow keep it contained.I look around and see nothingThere are lifeless bodies pounding at a door of hopeThe only answer is pain that seems to echo for eternityFamilies have been torn apart but no one seems to noticeOur minds have been turned to mushThe only thing we know is pain, commands, and death.The only thing I have is marks.Tears mark my face.A number marks my arm.I’m known as A-7713, not by name.I have nothing left.


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