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One me,morable quote from the memoir Night is " 'they think I'm mad,' Moshe wispered, and tears, like drops of wax, flowed from his eyes." (p. 7) This phenomenal simile creates a wonderful mind picture of how he was very old and frail. It also shows that he was worried, but not only for himself, but what would happen to everyone else. No one would listen to him, they thought he was mad, crazy, and phyco. He knew the truth, but no one listened.I know this is a simile because it compares Moshe's tears to drops of wax using the word "like". The picture below is my interpretation of Moshe crying with tears like drops of wax.

Author's Purpose

May 1944 - The Wiesel Family was deported to Auchewitz. Elie's mother and youngest sister are sent to gas chambers, his father, his two older sisters, and himself are sent to work.January 29 - Elie's Father dies of dyssentary, and exhaustion.April 11, 1945 - Elie is liberated from Auchewitz

Elie Wiesel's purpose for writing his memoir, Night, is to express his personal anecdote of the tragic experience. He experienced such an unfortunate event and his way of not "exploding" of anger and greif. Everyone has a different way of expressing his or her emotions. Elie's way of expressing his emotions is writing. He also wrote his memoir to inform his readers about the Holocaust, and how it was like to live in the harsh conditions. He explained how they lived in the barracks and how bad they were treated by the SS officers and kapos. "No human race is superior; no religious faith is inferior. All collective judgments are wrong. Only racists make them." This quote was not in Elie's book, Night, but words he has said. These words express his feelings, of not hatred and anger, but compassion. Elie expresses through his words that everyone is equal and shouldn't be treated like he was.


The message of the memoir, Night, is to listen to others and you might learn something valuable. "a man came up to Elie and his father and said 'Hey, kid, how old are you?' 'Fifteen' Elie replied 'No! your eighteen." (p. 30) Elie listened to this man and it ended up saving his life. If he said that he was fifteen, he would have gone with the group to the crematorium instead of the group to go to the work camp. Also, when Moshe tried to tell everyone about the concentration camps, no one listened then most of them died. listen to the people around you, it might just save your life.

NightElie Wiesel

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"'They think I'm mad,' Moshe wispered, and tears, like drops of wax flowed from his eyes."(p. 7)

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