Night stalker

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Night stalker

Richard ramirez , known as the night stalker, was born in El Paso, Texas on febuary 29, 1960. He went on a two year rampage of buggerly, breacking and entering, sexualy assualting, and murder. Richard ramirez was accused of at least 13 muder and 25 count of burgularie. his vitem ranged from the ages of 9 to 83. for two years he terrorized east side califorina.

Night stalker



victimsMei LeungJennie VincowChristina coldwellMary caldwellTsai-Lain yuvincent zazzaramaxine zazzara harold wujean wuEdward wildganswilliam doimalai ma dayle okazarki mark cannonjoyce nelson lelo kneiding

maxon kneidingchainavong khovamamth chris peter elyas abonothpeter pen barbra penbill corns,and unfortunitly several more.

M.O.In most cases remairez would brack into a couples home, walk into thire bedroom while they were sleeping, first kill the mail then tie up the kids,next vilate the woman, then have her guide hem to all the valuables, and make her swear on satin that, that was every thing. afterwards he would either leave or kill the women.

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