Night Project, Alesha Morovits, 3rd Hour

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Night Project, Alesha Morovits, 3rd Hour

Elie Wiesel Before & After

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An song, that sets the mood for the novel.

Reactions & Facts on Night by Elie Wiesel

Night was truly an unforgettable novel. A novel by which the author not only portrayed as terrifing, but also a piece of literature all of human kind can learn from.

Take a walk through the Gas Chambers at Auschwitz

Night by Elie Wiesel

While reading "Night" for the first time it was quite surprising. Not only was I surprised by the way it was written, but also the moments that the reader had to go through. Elie Wiesel's novel was most terrrifing durng the moments with his father. It was truthfully indescribable that Elie had to muster up his strength near the end of the novel, and care for his father. Another thing that struck me in awe was his changes in religion. In the beginning Elie was very spritiaial, and forgiving to God. Throughout the book it highlights that any religous person can question their God. This left me thinking about my own religion and others around me. Having read the novel also reminded me how good my life is compared to the impisioned Jews. Overall "Night" was a memerable novel by all means, with a broad sense of how cruel human nature can become.



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