Night of Miracles

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Night of Miracles

The Night of Miracles is (primarily) a French myth about the happenings on Christmas Eve!

by Jasmine K. and Mickayla S.

Night of Miracles

Different things are said to happen on the Night of Miracles.

Seas and valleys are said to open up and reveal treasures .

One of the things said to occur on the Night of Miracles is... animals gain speech!Animals in the barn will suddenly gain the gift of speech, and spend the night gossiping about humans.Any human that attempts to eavesdrop will face bad luck, being 'struck dumb', or possibly even death.

In Canada, there is a belief that on the Night Of Miracles, the dead rise up from their graves. After gathering at the cemetary cross, the previous priest arrives wearing a white suplice and a gold stole. The priest says the Nativity prayers, and the dead respond. Afterwards, they look at the place they were born, then return to their graves.

Anyone who is rude on the Night of Miracles will fall upon misfortune. A legend to go along with this: it is said that King Herod sent soldiers to kill the children in fear of a successor. Knowing that Jesus was the son of God, Mary fled through the mountains of Judea. Her husband tried to find a village that would be hospitable to them. However, King Herod's men came and Mary had to hide. Mary asked the Roses and the Cloves to hide her, but they didn't and were eventually cursed with thorns and ill-smelling flowers (respectively). However, the sage plant provided a canopy to hide under - which is why it now has many curative powers today.


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