Night by Ellie Wiesel

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Night by Ellie Wiesel

NightBy.Elie Wiesel

5."In the air that smell of burning flesh." Once Elie arrived to Auschwitz he could smell the putrid smell.

1.One of the main camps were more then a million jews were killed.-Auschwitz

3."Didn't you know what was in store for you at Auschwitz?Haven't you heard about it?In 1944?"

2. In the gates of Auschwits is were Elie is never saw his mothe ans sister for the last time.

4."How old are you? Eighteen. My My vocie was shaking." and "What's your occupation? Farmer I heard myself say?"

7.Strong men were put in the creamatories to work, Bela Katz was one. He put his own father in the creamtory .

6. Babies and children were also burned in the creamatories.

8.The flames from the creamatories were the flames that Madame Schachter the train.No one belived her until they saw it.

9. Before the jews were put in gettos . The Germans were polite with thier host.

10."Jews were prohibited from having gold or jewels in thier home."

11.The barbed wire which fenced us in did not cause us any reat fear." The jews were ok within the ghettos

12.After a couple of days in the ghettos, the jews were basically kicked out their homes. They were forced to stay outside, and were not allowed to sit.

13.After the jews left the ghettos they were put in train with little air.

14.Jews weren't always trported by train, in some case they were forced to walk or run.

15.Hundreds of jew were put in one carriage, with noting but a blanket.

16.Elies father was almost thorwn out, because he was to weak to stay awake.

17.Some the people that lived right beside each other were not all nice or had pitty.

18.It have been possible that people were sick and died on thier bed.

19.Juliek found a way to play the violin, while the barrack were crowded.

20.After runing 42miles to Gleiwitz, so many people were put in barracks that there was barely any air to breath or space to move.


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