Night - Auschwitz Camp

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World War II

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Night - Auschwitz Camp

Adolf Hitler, chancellor of Germany in the 1930s and '40s, opened the concentration camp called Auschwitz as his Final Solution to his "Jewish question". Although it was mainly a work camp, Auschwitz is most notoriously known for its gas chambers and "chimmney", really a crematorium. The instances of inhumanity shown by the Germans at Auschwitz are presented in how they massacred the people who went against their policies. People, such as part of Elie Wiesel's family in his book, Night, were burned alive against their wills in the crematorium. Tens of people were forced into a room with pipes leading out of it. These pipes led to cars, which would slowly funnel carbon monoxide into the room the prisoners were in, killing them by suffocation.


1933- Hitler comes to power1933- First death camp built1941- Pearl Harbor bombed1942- Auschwitz built1945- Soviets liberate Auschwitz

Auschwitz alone killed 1.1 million people in the Holocaust and World War II era. Of those killed were:Hungarian Jews- 438,000Polish Jews- 300,000Catholic Martyrs- 10,000Jevovah's Witnesses- 158

Lasting Impact

The memory of Auschwitz, although all survivors have deceased now, lives on forever. The German genocide of more than 6 million humans will never be forgotten. Museums and monuments such as the U.S. Holocaust Museum have opened. Auschwitz itself is now a museum as well.

Auschwitz Camp


Tour of Auschwitz



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