[2015] Tahtyana Gladden: Night

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[2015] Tahtyana Gladden: Night


In Night, inhumanity towards other humans resembled both the people in charge and the Jews. Whoever had poer took too muvh of it. They would beat the poor Jews for nothing. "I no longer felt anything except the lashes of the whip." That kind of treatment eventually rubbed of on the jews. Inhumaintywas shown when the Jews were first moved into the ghettos. " We had spent the day without food. But we were not really hungry. We were exhausted."

Elie Wiesel


2 symbols

Fire: After everyone thought Mrs.Satcher went crazy they finally realized that she wasn't so crazy. Fire was mostly all the Jews say between the crematorium and the cannons being shot. Silence: The Jews were silent because they were afraid of what was going to happen next.

Characters ( elies dad )

one turning point

When the men went to the left and the women and children went to the right. Elie and his dad were seperated from his mom and sister. That was the last time they ever saw eachother.

In the beginning of Night Elies dad was a strong man who showed no emotion. When moved into ghettos, he started getting a little weary. Once in the concetration camp, he finally broke down and cried. " I glanced over at my father. How changed he looked ! His eyes were veiled. I wanted to tell him something, but I didnt know what." Elie himself was shocked because he knew his dad was strong. Throughout the book, his dad became more weak than ever. Eventually he died from being " too sick".


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