[2015] leah mickell: Night

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[2015] leah mickell: Night

The Struggle of maintaining Faith



Moshe the Beadle is the first character introduced in Night. He was a poor profit that stayed out of people's way. As Elie's teacher, he talks about the riddles of the universe and God's centrality to the quest for understanding. He goes around telling people wqhat he had experienced when he was taken. No one belived him. They thought that he was insane. However, they discovered what he had experienced. Moshe's words frame the conflict of Elie's struggle for faith.

Turning Point


Mrs. Schatcher seeing fire was an important turning point. She was the only one seeing flames that no one could see. They thought she was crazy. Therefore, they beat her thinking that she would stop. However, that wouldnt work. She kept saying "fire! I see fire! I see fire!". The jews cheked, but saw nothing. Eventually, they've arrived to Auschwits and saw the flames rising from the fumanul

Fire is a symbol because the German soldiers used it to kill the jews. For example, they threw the children into flames and they sent jews to the crematorium. They basically used fire to murder the prisoners.Night is another symbol in the book. Night is where the suffering of the prisoners began. It reflect Elie's belief that he lives in a world without God

The theme I chose was Elie's stuggle to maintain faith in a benevolent God. His faith started to change when he arrived in Birkenau. He and other prisoners saw flames rising from a dtich. They noticed that something was being burned. In the book it says "a truck drew close and unloaded its hold: small children." Elie, along with others, saw children and babies being thrown in flames. After seeing that, he feels that if there was a God he wouldn't have allowed that to happen. Experiencing tragic and disturbing things Elie wondrsd why there isn't a miracle happenening. As a result, he struggles with keeping his faith or giving up.


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