[2015] Guye guinyard: Night

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[2015] Guye guinyard: Night

Symbol 1

A turning point point would be at the begining of the story when the SS came and took all the jews they could find. They started trapping them into ghettos to later be taken to concentration camps. This gratelly changed the lives of all the characters. they became weak, skinny, desprate savages. By the time they were liberated millions had been tortured and killed.

Turning Point


Character: Mrs.Schacher

Mrs. Schachter was a lady that rode in the cattle car with Elie. She started hilusinating after being separated from her husband and child. She screamed about a fire that nobody could see. Other riders grew sick of hearing it and beat her to keep her quiet. Though in the cattle car she was seen as crazy, she was soon seen as a prophet. When they got to the camp, they saw the fire she was talking about.

Glog by: Guye

The Shadow

In this period of time the germans treated Jews poorly. They blamed Jews for their problems and brutally murdered millions of them. As in the book, after capturing them, women and childeren as well as men unfit to work were killed. They were forced to give up all valuable items including cloths.They were fed only small potions of bread so they were weak. Germans treated them like objects, not humans.

Symbol 2

Night. It symbolizes how every major movement took place over night. The Holocaust ( the mass killing of jews) happened and the whole world had no idea.

The knife and spoon are also symbols. They symbolize the father and son bond the two of them had. He thought he would be killed so he quickly passed down items for Elie to remember him by.


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