[2015] Alexeonna Young: Night

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[2015] Alexeonna Young: Night

Hurtful Days & Painful Nights

The prisoners, including Elie and his family, were treated like animals. They weren't treated with the proper care. People such as the SS officers and old prisoners were beating the prisoners from left the right for sometimes no reason. They were also not being given food like they were supposed to be. It seemed like everyone was eventually all for theirselves.

Night By Elie Wiesel

Theme:Inhumanity towards humans


A turning point in this story was when Elie's father was getting weak and he himself knew that he was on his dying bed. He was important to Elie because of course that was his father and he loved him dearly, and did everything to protect him. Elies father impacted mainly his son because it changed him from a loving caring person to being cold hearted."...Free at last""I did not weep and it pained me that i could not weep.I was out of tears."


Elie was a young boy who was in the concentration camp and struggled through and with with many things. He changed over time. He worshipped Kabbalah but started to lose the faith when he went to the camp. He did many things to save his father's life , even putting his on the line but he started to want his father to die because it wouldn't hold him back anymore; however , he remained loyal to his dad because his dad was all he had.

Turning Point


I chose the gold crown because an object so small caused him such a hectic. It was important to Elie because it was really the only way he could eat and his father told not to get rid of it. I also chose the spoon and knife because Elie's father tried to give that to Elie because basically that's all he really had of his own to give to Elie for rememberance


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