[2015] Key'Shawn Williams: Night

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[2015] Key'Shawn Williams: Night

Theme: The Importance of Father-Son BondsDuring the time of the Holocaust the importance of Father and son bonds saved lives. In the book "Night" Elie and his father had an unbreakable bond. They both watched over one another serverly. Elie protected and worried about his father as if he was the parent. His father was the only part of his family that he had left. Many boys that Elie came in contact with left their fathers behind but he would never. Elie helped his father escape selection three times through out this story.

NightByElie Wiesel

Elie is a young boy who was captured and sent to the concentration camp. He protects his father because he knows that all he has left of family. Elie is clever with getting away without being killed. He even helped his father from getting selected to be killed.

When Elie and the others arrived at the concentration camp they we're tattooed. These tattoos we're now their name. A-7713was Elie's name they never said his father's.Every Jew had to wear a yellow star to let people know they we're Jews. These stars also meant that they have been sent to the concentration camp. No Jew could escape because of those stars.

Turning Point



One of the turning points in the story happen when everyone was takne from their homes. Everyone thought that they we're being taken to a work place but they we're all wrong. People we're packed unto cattle carts until they arrived at thee concentration camp. Once they arrived everyone was seprated. Sadly the women and children we're killed because they weren't seen useful to the Kommandos. That's when everyone knew things we're about to change for the worst


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