[2015] Jamaica Elmore: Night

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[2015] Jamaica Elmore: Night

Turning Point

I think father and son bond is very important. In the book "Night" Elie and his father were so close to each other. In the begining of the book Elie father asked to go to the bathroom and the man slapped him. Elie started feeling bad because his father got slapped and he did not do anything about it.

Main Character


Book Report


Elie Weisel

2 Symbols

Elie~ Elie was a major character. When he saw babies being thrown in the air he lost faith in God. He was saying how could God allow things like that to happen. Before he went to the camp he did not feel the need in not believing in God. By the end of the book Elie felt stronger because he lived after all that horrifying terror.

BY: Jamaica Elmore

While on the bus Mrs. Schachler claimed she saw fire. She was yelling and streaming about the fire but no one else could see it. Then later when everybody else got there, they seen the black smoke and flames.

Fire~ When Mrs. Schachter could see fire and nobody else could.Spoon & Knife~ Elie father probably gave him that for something to remember him of.


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