Nigerian/Biafran Genocide

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Nigerian/Biafran Genocide

Death Tolls, Recuperation & Punishment● 1-3 million people died, over 50% Igbos●Although Britain left Nigeria with ethnic conflicts (which was the result of colinalization), they did not recieve punishment●Nigeria to this day suppresses and discriminates against Igbos, they also were not punished

Nigerian/Biafran Genocideby: Veronica Rojas

Start/End of Civil War and Outside Alliances●Genocide ended when Biafra surrendered after leader fled to Ivory Coast (Côte d'Ivoire)●United States, the Soviet Union and Britain helped the Nigerian government in exchange for capital from oil.●South Africa , Rhodeisa, France and Israel aided Biafra with millitary assisence.

More Casualties

Civil war between Nigerians and Biafrans

Casualties through war and malnutrition

Dates & Cause●Gained independece from Brit in 1960●War and genocide went on from '67-'70●Conflicts among ethnic groups (Hausa Fulani, Muslims; Yoruba, half & half; Igbo, Christians)●Oil and anger over the death of Hausa politicians●Igbo tried to secede Nigeria's oppressive gov.

Perpretators & Tactics●Nigeria began attacking by land, Igbo suffered the most (victims)●Nigeria cut off food and other necessitites coming in through Port Harcourt, starved Igbos●Bombed agricultural land


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