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Located between Benin and Cameroon

One of the world's largest oil-producing countries

Large farmers produce cash crops: rubber, peanuts, palm oil and cacao.

Ethnic conflict and political uncertainty prevent benefits from country's rich natural resources

Most people are subsistence farmers.

About the size of California; one of the largest nation south of the Sahara

Hausa, Fulani, Yoruba, Ibo

Food has to be imported.

Has more than 250 ethnic groups.

- 60% live in rural area.- Cities are growing rapidly because people are looking for better jobs.

-Use many different African languages- English is the business language-50% are Muslim; 40% are Christians; 10% traditional African religions

Natural Resources: natural gas, petroleum, tin, iron ore, limestone, lead, zinc, arable land Natural Hazards:periodic droughts; flooding

Government: federal republicCapital: Abuja

Won independence from Britain in 1960; civil war ensued ensued.

ISSUES- Boundaries disputes-Refugees- Illicit drugs


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