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Social Studies

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African Country Project            Nigeria

This is the Niger river, it is important it Nigeria because it is a source of water and it can provide transportation

This is the Mambilla Plateau in Nigeria. The plateau is important because there is lots of fertile land.

This is Jos  or "Plateua State." It is important to nigeria because it is a good mining spot. It is a major exporter of tin and columbite.

This is a famous Nigerian dish called Jollof Rice. Jollof Rice is important because it is an important dish to their culture.

This is an image of a holiday on a calendar called Boxing Day. Boxing Day is on the day after Christmas. Its a day where maters give their servants a gift, to thank them for working on Christmas day

This is a Gele, it is a piece of cloth wrapped on a women's head. It is a large headscarf that is worn to special occasions.

How did European imperialism impact African culture? Nigeria was impacted by European imperialism because their Government, Language, Economy, and Technology all changed. Before European imperialism Nigeria had primitive technology, but after they had more advanced and developed technology. They also didn't have a real form of government before imperialism, but after their government changed to a democracy.

Unit Question


Nigeria has a high accessibility because they are near the Niger river. The Niger river helps with accessibility because it flows through Niger, Nigeria, Mali, Benin, and Guinea. Nigeria is also located on the coast which can help with accessibility.

This is the Mainland bridge, it helps with accessibility because it allows people to cross the river.

Urban Hierarchy

1. Lagos has a population of 21,000,0002. Abuja has a population of 2,440,0003. Port Harcourt has a population of 638,360

This is Lagos, it is the most populated city in Nigeria.


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