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Social Studies

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Special thanks to my sisters friend named Adejayan Ademola who is from Nigeria and gave me most of this information.

This is one of many images of native animals in Nigeria



This is an image of some local food.

More Fun Facts-The currency of Nigeria is called Naria. -The country of Nigeria is divided bytwo major ethnic groups, christians and muslims.

Nigeria is a Federal Republic, which means officials are elected to run the government.

Local map of Nigeria

Food of Nigeria

Traditional clothing of Nigeria.

Native Animals

Anna Mayo11/14/14

This is the national flag of Nigeria. The colors of the flag represents the vast vegetation of Nigeria.

The major ethinnic groups of Nigeria are Yoruba, Ingo, Hausa, Fulani, Efic- Libria, Kanyuri- tiv, and Edolagaw.

Nigeria's impact on the world is that they put out a GDP [Gross Demestic Product] of 500 billion. This is the largest of any african nation.

Facts and History-Nigeria was founded on October 1, 1960. The -population is around 175 million. -There is 36 states. The capitol is Abuja, Nigeria.

Nigeria borders The Republic of Benin onthe east, Chad is also located to the east of Nigeria, Cameroon on the east, Niger on the north, and the Gulf of Guinea to the south. The Gulf of Guinea borders the atlantic ocean.

I think the most interesting thing about Nigeria is their motto. "Unityand faith, peace and progress."

Fun Facts-Yan Ari is a national park in Nigeria. Aso Rock is like the Stone Mountain of Nigeria. -The president of Nigeria's name translates to Good Luck Jonathon.


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