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Social Studies

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Nifty Fifities

50's Slang1. Fly- Smooth or slick. 2. Get Down- To play or dance superlatively with abandon.3.I'm Booted- I'm hip or I understand.4. Jake- Okay.5. Funky- Earthly or down-to-earth.6. Pad- house.7. Beat- Exhausted or tired.8. Witch Doctor- Member of the clergy.

The Nifty FifitiesBen Kuhn and Byron Markle

1950 FORD F1

Leave it to Beaver and Father Knows Best

1950's Advertisement

Price of consumer goods

1950's Fashions

Tony Bennett- 1950's crooner

News Clips

Chuck Berry

TermsBaby Boom- Temporary marked increase in birth rate following WWII.Suburbs- Outlying district of a city.Gender Roles- Overt expression of attitudes that indicate to other the degree of your maleness or femaleness.Consumerism- The protection or promotion of the interests of consumers.Resurgence in Religion- Renewal in interest of religion.Bomb Shelter- A chamber reinforced against bombing and provided with food and living facilities. Conformity- Compliance with standards, rules, or laws.Truman- President from 1945-1953. Eisenhower- President from 1953-1961.

How Some Terms RelateSuburbs- Many ex-GI's and middle class families moved to the suburbs.Consumerism- Families are growing and have extra money to spend.Conformity- Everyone is trying to be the same. For example, same looking homes, same cars.



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