Niels Bohr

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Niels Bohr

BackgroundBorn in Copenhagen, Denmark on October 7, 1885. The 2nd of 3 children of Christrian Bohrphysiology professor at Copenhagen university and Ellen Adler Bohr who came from a wealthy Danish Jewish family, preminent in banking and parlimentary circles. He had an older sister and a younger brother.

Niels BohrOct. 7, 1885to Nov.18, 1962humaritan, Nobel Prize-winning Physicist, theories on the atomic structure, followed J.J. thomson's work, recieved critisism from Albert Einstein and other various scientist.

Atomic Structure

Discovery of Bohr:In 1912, Bohr was working for J.J. Thomson in England when he was introduced to Ernest Rutherford gaining himself a Nobel prize. In 1908, under the teachings of Rutherford, Bohr began his studies of the properties off atoms leading him to his discovery of the atomic structure. 1913, Bohr proposed his hydrogen model

Bohr developed the Bohr model of the atom, meaning that energy levels of electrons are little and that the electrons revolve in stable orbits around the atomic nucleus but are able to jump from one energy level to another.

Fun facts:1965- insitute named in honour of niels bohr1985 asteroid named after niels bohr1997-500 kronor bill has bohr's image on it

Andra, Sofia, Bekkah, Hanasia

Timeline:1885-born Oct. 71912-marries Margrethe1921-Bohr founds the Institute of theoretical physics1922-wins Nobel Prize for physics1925-debates quantum theory with Albert einstein

1926-fellow of the royal soceity of london1938-recieved the royal soceity copley medal1955-helped the international atomic energy agency1957-atoms for peace award1962-dies of stroke

Hydrogen Atoma quantum jump between orbits is accompanied by an emittedor absorbed electromagnetic radiation


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