Niels Bohr

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Niels Bohr

In 1916, Bohr became a professor at the University of Copenhagen, and founded the Institute for Theoretical Physics in 1921. Also, Bohr said that electrons could fall from higher-energy levels to lower ones. Lastly, he introduced the theory of complementary, which said that items could be seperatly analyzed as having several contradictory properties.

He was born and raised in Denmark. He graduated from University of Copenhagen. He was advised by JJ Thomson and Ernest Rutherford.

During World War II, Bohr was almost captured by German armies because his mother was a Jew. But, he fled to the United States and contributed to the Manhattan Project.

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1913 - Bohr Atomic Model1922 - Won Nobel Peace Prize1962 - Died


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Niels Bohr


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In 1913, Neils Bohr came up with the Bohr Atomic Model. It shows that the electrons orbit the nucleus.


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