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Niels Bohr

City/Country of Origin: Copenhagen, DenmarkSons: Aage Bohr, Ernest Bohr, Hans Henrik Bohr, Erik Bohr, Spouse: Margrethe NorlundFather: Christian BohrMother: Ellen Adler BohrSiblings: Harald Bohr, Jennifer Bohr

EducationNiels Bohr had got his Masters and Doctrine in Physics from Copenhagen University. Eventually Bohr decided to become a professor Manchester's University, but Bohr settled back down in Copenhagen, where he would then teach where he was taught.

Research & DiscoveryNiels Bohr developoed a new way to look at an atom, this way is called the Bohr Diagram of an Atom. Later Niels developed Copenhagen's first "Institute of Theoretical Physics."

Niels Bohr(1885-1962)

Niels Bhor

Copenhagen University

Bohr helped establish a company in Europe Known as CERN (French Conseil Europeen pour la Recherche Nucleaire) or ( European Organization for Nuclear Research)

Bohr Diagram of an Atom

Nobel Prize

Impact on ScienceEventhough there were many models of an atom before Bohr, Bohr's was definately one of the closest at the time. Bohr's institute even inspired a new form of science, Theoretical Physics, which is known in virtualy every region of the Earth!

So, who is Niels Bohr


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