Niels Bohr

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Niels Bohr

1912- Marriage

1921-Founds Institute of Theortical Physics

1922- Wins Nobel Peace Prize

Niels Bohr1885-1962

Education-Elementary-High School in Copenhagen-University of Copenhagen-Physics

Work-Taught medical students-Researched atomic structure-Helped produce the atomic bomb-Worked in many labs in Europe

Birth-October 7, 1885-Niels Henrik David Bohr-Copenhagen, Denmark-Parents Christian and Ellen Bohr

Childhood-Enjoyed Soccer-Watched father in lab-Physics

Nobel Peace Prize-1922-Physics-Atomic Structure-Made sure nuclear weapons were used responsibly

Cool Facts-Jewish-He discovered the element Bohrium

"Your theory is crazy, but is it crazy enough to be proven correct?"- Niels Bohr

Legacy-Nuclear weapons' use is limited-Atomic model is widely used for teaching

1957-Atoms for Peace award

1955-Ideas help the International Atomic Energy Agency


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