Nicos Venus Flytrap Glog

by arditoscience
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Nicos Venus Flytrap Glog

My plant is a Venus FlytrapThe Venus Flytrap looks like a hollowbean that snaps open and close and have spikes on the end of the plant.

My plants scientific name is Dionaea Muscipula and belongs to the Droseraceae

Venus Flytraps like to live in bogs and in wet savannahs (Can be found in North and South Carolina)

Flytraps are usually found in nitrogen low areas and humid/moist ecosystems

Venus Flytraps gets energy in 2 different ways- 1- Decompose the flies and takes the energy from the insides. 2- like most other plants it also uses photosynthesis

The Venus flytrap it evolved to have “the mouth” of the plant to face up and flies can land on the leaf and get caught. They live in a place where flies fly above the plant have lots of activity so it’s good for feeding.

Flies, arachnids other plants, trees, water sources and more insects

The plant can take up to 5 years to grow to adulthood and have 6 triggers that sense movement and set of a timer to close the trap



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