Nicole and Rachel Japanese Internment Camps

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Nicole and Rachel Japanese Internment Camps

Japanese Internment Camps

Rachel McNeely &

Nicole Mello

After the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, the US became worried about the Japanese-American living there. President Roosevelt signed an order forcing all Japanese-American to relocate to Japanese Internment Camps because they wanted to make sure no one was spying on them for Japan.

Conditions in these Camps were not pleasent. They were extremely crowded and many families were separated. There was no plumbing, cooking, and the food was rationed out. There were poor living conditions and many of the camps were in the desert so they had to face extreme weather as well.

People who were relocated to these camps were forced to leave their homes, jobs, and sometimes their families. Some died from the lack of good medical care and the emotion stress they experienced. They used communal placed for bathing, doing the laundry, and eating. The children were educated while there and most people had to stay for 4 years.

After the Japanese-Americans were released from the concentration camps, many of them returned to the Pacific Coast. Since they had nothing left, they were given less than 10 cents for every dollar they lost. A lot of them had problems finding jobs or getting loans. Many were damaged for life.

Where: United States, mostly WestWhen: February 19,1942 to 1945

Imagine that one day you received a notice that you and your whole family must be ready to move within 48 hours. You could take only the possions you could carry and no one would tell you when you would be permitted to return home."-Martha Daly



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