Nicolaus Copernicus

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Nicolaus Copernicus

Born: February 19, 1473Died: May 24, 1543Majores: Mathmetician and astronomer Education: University of Padua, University of Crawcow, University of Bologna, and Unviersity of Ferrara


1496-1503 - University of Padua, University of Crawcow, Unviersity of Bologna, and University of Ferrara 1514- discovery of his new model of our solar system1543 - idea was published

Nicolaus was a very sucessful person, from all his years of college studying various topics to his greatest accomplishment of finding that our Solar System is heliocentric. This not only gave us a new way to see how our universe is built and how it functions but also puts Claudius Ptolemaic's model to rest. By giving precise facts and information on how his theory is more accurate than Claudius and that in for a fact the sun was at the center not the earth.

Lasting Impact

Nicolaus has given us the modern day model of our solar system, letting us undestand how the Earth revolves around the Sun and how our seasons are effected by this. He gives us the many resources that we will need to understand our own universe and our own planet.

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